Yesterday I Danced

(Because of L.L. Barkat’s Two (Dance) Steps Back and Reflections Dance)

Yesterday I danced a new
beginning kind of dance, hips and hands
exploring, hoping soon to speak.

I danced a language,
hips voicing diphthongs,
feet forming first words,
knees prying open syllables.

When lips and tongue and vocal cords
lay mute and could not translate,
I danced.

Yesterday I danced a kind
of mother tongue, but then
what language must I learn
when limbs no longer speak?


7 thoughts on “Yesterday I Danced

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  2. I love this dance. It’s the dance of a mother — one that I know too well.

    Thanks for the resources here on your site. What would you say the age level is for Through the Bible with My Child? Just checked it out on Amazon.

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