Priceless Correspondence

Now they come at four dimes
and four pennies apiece
in neat sheets, like pages
out of a history volume boasting
of our own, our own brush strokes
and space probes and man around the globe.

Winslow Homer stamp
Alan Shepard stamp
Mercury MESSENGER stamp

They come like syncopated
rhythms of modern bards’ music,
lively bits of conversation
between strings and brass brought
from a mix of New Orleans and Africa
and isles nearby, improvised and styled.

Jazz stamp

They come like a billboard
listing simple steps saying
how to save the earth and go green.

Go Green stamps

They come separated by wavy lines
to simulate the old perforations,
like a monument remembering
the way they used to be.

stamp's wavy lines

They always come in Love.
I’ve received them that way
and that is how I send them,
a letter on paper, ink from a pen
guided by my own hand
and stamped.

Love stamps

For the poetry prompt to write about something I got for less than a buck.

When was the last time you picked up a pen and wrote a letter or note of encouragement? There’s something about getting an envelope in the mailbox, the address written by a loved one’s hand, instantly recognizable…


3 thoughts on “Priceless Correspondence

  1. Love the rich photographs that accompany your poem. Who knew that they were using stamps as propaganda! My favorite is the music stanza – and stamp. Sumptuous poem!

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