Level-Headed Red

They say red is hot-headed
fiery and volatile.

On the contrary, hers
is the longest wavelength,

her frequency of peaks and troughs
is, of all colors, least.

She is calm, even-keeled,
slow to trough, slow to peak.

Caltech Booksnon-motorized lawn mowerfence close-upinside grand piano
bass guitarladdersequalizerdrums

(For the combination PhotoPlay and poetry prompts at The High Calling and T.S. Poetry)


7 thoughts on “Level-Headed Red

  1. *love*
    Those photos are so great. I tell you, I have one of those redheads. I don’t know if “hot-headed” describes him either. Maybe more…walks to the beat of a different drummer. :)

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  3. mmmm – this is lovely, and your images nearly sing! I really like the way you’ve given red a personality, one she has already, but you like her when you’re done, really, really like her!

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