After the Falling

They say the glory of a tree
is in her leaves. Living green
and sap-swollen, leaves have branches
of their own. Summer glory flows
in their veins vibrant and heavy
with life.

And then comes the dark of the fall,
the dark coming too early, pressing
down and pressing out their glory,
glory in the leaves before their fall.

She knows the fall is coming;
she knows her glory will fall.
But pre-knowledge doesn’t soften
the heavy blow
of fallen leaves dropping
at her feet, dropping
on teary-dewed grass.

They will come back, they say,
It will grow back.
Small consolation for the tree
whose coming spring will bring a sap
intentionally deadly, a different sap
to flow into her veins, heavy
with death.

Looking out from its own trunk,
can the tree see? Can she see
the falling leaves leaving behind
another kind of beauty, a heavier
weight of glory?

This week Bonnie Gray encourages the community to share their Fall Reflections. As I just made a hair donation to be used for a child’s wig—a child who lost hair due to chemotherapy—I’ve been praying for the child who would end up wearing the wig made with my hair. I’ve been trying to put myself in her (his?) place, and this is the poem that came out.

before haircutafter haircut

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9 thoughts on “After the Falling

  1. Oh wow! The pictures at the end changed my whole outlook, so I had to back and read your poem again. Love this!

    And I love your new haircut. It’s very flattering on you. But more importantly, what a gift of love you gave away. Yes, your leaves will grow back in full beauty! And in the meantime, you look glorious.

  2. Beautiful words remind me of our Oak tree leaves covering our ground. The leaves are good for nothing. Mulch maybe, but we cannot harvest them or use them for our food. The tree’s themselves will provide shade again and shelter for our birds and the squirrels that enjoy their branches. If trees could speak, what would they tell us? Perhaps that we should enjoy this season and to know other seasons will follow. God is always there.

  3. Simply beautiful… inside and out. I don’t know what is more attractive, your poem and beatiful picture or your heart which chose to give to a child in need. When i think of our great God who knows every hair on our head, he also knew yours would cover the head of another precious child of his. Priceless.

  4. I think short hair becomes you. We pray and it feels futile, but know that it isn’t futile. One little prayer makes a world of difference and to that child, she will probably feel God’s presence in her life. I just wish sometimes that we could see THAT answer to prayer. :o)

  5. I remember helping my mother cut her long hair off as it was falling out from chemo. She didn’t look sick when she was diagnosed, but she looked like she was going to die when she was going through chemo, and it was frightening. “intentionally deadly, a different sap…” Praise God that was 20 years ago and she is still here with us…the prayers, dignity and kindness that you send to that child resonate throughout His Kingdom…you are her angel. :-)

  6. Oh, Monica! You look cute and adorable with your new cut.. and the beauty of the story behind it.. your heart and this poem! Amazing life reflecting a heart of faith. You’re brave! I don’t think I can do it right now. ;)

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