A Minute Forty-Six

One of my dark days loomed (the kind
of dark that makes time vague
and turns an hour into an age)
when the phone rang—a friend
asking after me, checking in
like a mother who leaves
the night-light on, and I knew,
after we hung up, the dark
was averted. How long
did that phone call last?
I checked the phone log:
under two minutes. So she held
me up, helped me dodge another era
of dark—

and to think
it only took a minute

Father, how could I encourage someone today? Is there a phone call I should make, a note to pen, an email to send? What power could You pour into something in less than two minutes?

If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging.
(Romans 12:8)

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4 thoughts on “A Minute Forty-Six

  1. Oh, this is so encouraging, Monica. My phone rang yesterday as I was walking out the door. I almost didn’t get it, but at the last second, I picked up. It was an older lady at church just calling to tell me she’d been thinking about me so much lately. She said everything she needed to say in under 2 minutes and we hung up. And I was SO encouraged by that time with her!

  2. Bless that girlfriend who held you up like that. I’ve had some of those dark days lately…tis the season. Isn’t it amazing how the smallest of things can help turn the eyes?

    I have missed you, friend. Life is speeding up as time goes, it seems. Would that I could fly out there for a romp in those lovely mountains with you! And maybe some of your brownies…

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