While Running Up Centennial Trail

(For this month’s theme at T.S. Poetry: “Angels.” See the T.S. Poetry Press Facebook page for more!)

Waters gathered from some repeated precipitation
(whether steady snowmelt or fly-by rainstorm)

caused a depression, a canyon’s precursor,
this rut running the length of her

trail, a rut she tried to circumvent by aiming
the soles of her Asics beside it or leaping over

to the other side where the ground was still
the same—fallow and in desperate need

of breaking, made arid by long afternoons
of scorching, self-centered heat.

Repeated doubts and questions pounded, the same way
too much uphill running makes shin splints, fractures,

stresses that make her plead with the regular
cadence of her strides, “Don’t let me give up,

don’t let me give up.” And then, two men
on mountain bikes (whether Specialized

or Cannondale or Gary Fisher, she’ll never
know) came down—it was God’s kind way

of answering—for the man on the bike who came
down first encouraged, almost fiercely, “Good job!”

So the woman kept running and wondered if angels
went mountain biking down Centennial trail.


7 thoughts on “While Running Up Centennial Trail

  1. Miss Monica,

    I like progression of speed and life of this piece and how you wove tangible with emotional.

    (One time I was exhausted and had to pee during an upward climb on a trail. The others in our group went ahead and I found a secluded place to take care of business, but unbeknownst to me when I dropped trou I actually mooned anyone coming down the twisty trail. This was an indiscernible fact to me. Instead of “good job!” all I got was screams as 3 male bikers careened off the path and tangled with the forest. I like your story better.)


  2. This is GREAT! Love the rhythm, almost breathless at times, determinted to push through, God showering trail-weary legs, lungs with encouragement, strength at just the right moment. Love the juxtaposition of self with the characteristics of the trail. Wow! Well done!

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  4. Love this, Monica. Fun to see your poetic side…I see you on facebook all the time, but I think this is my first visit to you site. Very nice indeed.

  5. MOnica–God is with us wherever we are, yes? I imagine He gives you all kinds of ‘downloads’ as you run….

    This gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘Bike Messengers.’ :-)

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