Index of Refraction Greater Than One

(For the light-bending prompt at the Every Day Poems Facebook page.)

To bend the light I’d have to be composed
of stuff more substantial than the air.
Certainly, a vacuum (pressure-free)
wouldn’t do, yet neither would a wall
(so opaque!). Transparency is a requirement,

but even then, I wouldn’t bend the normal;
I’d only redirect the rays that came
to me obliquely. And be warned: by
the time illumination got to you,
it would be coming at a different angle
and we may no longer be on the same

3 thoughts on “Index of Refraction Greater Than One

  1. Miss Monica,
    There certainly are a lot of big-n-fancy words here, but I followed along. My favorite line is “I wouldn’t bend the normal” — probably because I would. Or at least try to!


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