Little Horizons

old house pasture

I think I’m alone, with nothing
in sight but my own walls,
sheltering. Then I remember:
at my Zaccheus-height
I can’t see down the other
side of that hill until
I climb a tree. Here I have
no sycamores, but one of those
pines will do just fine.


2 thoughts on “Little Horizons

  1. this is grande grand! you said much with few words. that’s a gift i don’t have.

    wink, nod, nudge, nudge.

    hey, your photographer is neato-mosquito. ha! well, God gives beauty all around if we only open our eyes and see

    • I’d say you are neat-o, but I sure don’t think of you the way I think of mosquitos. I would never, ever smack you into pieces like that. And I never leave your presence covered by those awful, itchy red bumps. And I don’t think you would ever prey on me (but you can pray on me whenever you want).

      Do you like yourself in my blog categories? ;) Thanks for catching all that beauty.

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