Tomorrow Won’t Fit into Today

Writing a story is like living one; you can’t
force future moments onto the current
page. You can grasp a dry towel with
moistureless hands, but no water will come
of your wringing, and your skin will chafe.

Soak the cloth
and wait.

I believe a writer can make writing happen, sit down and stir from grass or leaves or snow. But I also believe it takes time to write. Each book I’ve written, in some sense, could not have been written before its time. The white moths were not ready to rise…

There is no hurry. The things we cannot write about today, we will surely find we can write about tomorrow. We should not worry about the process, but simply trust it and move on. After all, we contain fields upon fields of stories we’ve rehearsed over time. We must recognize that these are the ready ones, the now-stories.

– L.L. Barkat, Rumors of Water, pp.152-153

(For the T.S. Poetry Book Club (hosted by Lyla Lindquist) on Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing, by L.L. Barkat. Read Lyla’s thoughts and find links to other book club participants here.)


6 thoughts on “Tomorrow Won’t Fit into Today

  1. Ooooo…those last three lines are the words of my heart!

    “Soak the cloth
    and wait.”

    Isn’t that just what our faith life is all about? Steeping ourselves in the holy Presence of God, waiting then following as/where He leads?

    Absolutely LOVE this! What a great way to start the day! :)

  2. Hey, I was going to start my comment with “ooooo” too. ;-)

    One of my favorites of yours, miss Monica. I read it too fast at first and thought it said “…is like giving birth” instead of “like living one.” Weird how I went off on my own tangent from there. I reckon it’s because I just gave away maternity clothes… or I’m a tad off my rocker.

    Either way, I love this.

  3. I feel the urge, so I’m going to say it: Ooooooooo. :)

    This is a timely post for me, as I’m sitting here with a writing deadline. I need to soak the cloth.

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