Every Day Poems: Like a “Poem-ography”

My friend Jean has a “library gift” (as her husband calls it). She swipes titles from the shelves (some for herself, some to recommend to her husband), and more often than not, they’re good books. This is Jean’s “library gift.”

So whenever she tells me about books she’s reading, I always jot down the titles. In this way I discovered (or more accurately, benefitted from Jean discovering) Anne Fadiman, Kay Redfield Jamison, Jon Hassler’s Simon’s Night, Lisa Terán’s The Hacienda.

My favorite books are often friends’ recommendations. Similarly, one of my favorite parts of any good book is the bibliography. It’s essentially the author’s book recommendations, as if I knew him and he said, “Here’s one you should read.”

Is there a poetry counterpart to a bibliography? Poem-ography, perhaps? This is what I need, and this is what Every Day Poems provides in a daily email. In this way I discovered (or benefitted from Every Day Poems discovering) Paul Willis, Sara Teasdale, Tania Runyan’s “Blessed Are the Peacemakers,” Langston Hughes’s “Harlem Sweeties,” Bradley J. Moore’s “Maddening.”

Every Day Poems is, to me, both a friend with a “poetry gift” and a poem-ography. And they’re good poems.


(Posted for “Winner Takes the Chocolate.” See details here.)


9 thoughts on “Every Day Poems: Like a “Poem-ography”

  1. You’re absolutely right, Monica. Everyday Poems provides a delicious opportunity for daily discovery. Thanks for sharing! That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? :)

  2. I love the bibliography too, my friend. This is a wonderful truth, this kindness that Everyday poems does in finding the treasure for me! NOW I must go see about the chocolate.

  3. There’s always something in that daily email–sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t and sometimes it inspires other poetry. It’s like a poetry chain gang — with chocolate instead of wardens, edging poets along.

    (maybe? been the hot sun pulling weeds at a farm today. brain is body-tired. i hope you win the chocolate ;-)

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