Two Hundred Meters but No Closer (What Fire Can Do, Part 2)

The quarry we considered
an eyesore—the ugly
scar on the mountain,
the depreciator of real estate
resale values—bought
time for the firefighters
to bulldoze a line and keep
our houses from turning
to ashes.

God in heaven, my Father who cares for me, is there anything I consider ugly and unwanted that you intend for my protection?


The view from our driveway on June 26, 2012:

Our hill before the fire

About an hour and a half later:

Less than 2 hours later

When the fire reached the quarry, it had to go the long way around to get to our street. It got as close as 200 meters from the houses, but thanks to the quarry, the firefighters, and the mercy of God, the fire stopped there. After the fire:

After the fire

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The Protection of Illness


3 thoughts on “Two Hundred Meters but No Closer (What Fire Can Do, Part 2)

  1. Oh Monica, such dramatic pictures. Yes, the unwanted ugly that protects us in God’s all wise sovereignty. The pictures take me back to our wildfires in 2008-2009 our first year at Westmont. So, I’m with you, praising God for sparing your houses, while praying hard for those who did lose it all. So far I only know folks whose houses (and lives!) were spared.
    Remember your hug dream? Sending hugs in the night! God be with you.

  2. Oh my land! I’ve tried to imagine from the google map images and all those overlays, but seeing your shots, wowzer and praise God indeed!

    (I’m sure about that 2am time tag though… yikes.)


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