A Family Superstition

Sometimes I need to write something lighthearted and fun, even (or especially) when I feel like writing about other things. The following poem is for Tweetspeak’s current poetry prompt: Write a ballad about a family superstition. If you’d like to learn how to write a ballad poem (or if you just want to know what a ballad poem is), read Marjorie Maddox’s excellent, fun guide: How to Write a Ballad—which would also be a great teaching resource on the ballad form.

Making faces

A Family Superstition

I relished car rides, windows down,
air rushing, freeway speed.
Made faces with my brother (clown!),
heads stuck out in the breeze.

My index fingers pulled my mouth
to stretch the lips out wide,
and forced the eyelid corners down,
exposing whites of eyes.

Our older sisters (adult age)
would warn us with a grin:
Your silly face will freeze if you
make faces in the wind!

So now, though I still revel in
car windows opened wide,
I only make expressions when
my face is safe inside.

David making his "funny eyes" face

Photo credits:
Top photo by Jo Christian Oterhals, via flickr creative commons.
Bottom photo by Larry and Laura, via flickr creative commons.


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