Introducing Crossbeams (a big kids’ building toy)


You already know about my husband’s book, Through the Bible with My Child. But did you know he’s an engineer and inventor, too?


Crossbeams is a big kids’ building toy (ages 13+). What sets Crossbeams apart? The words strong, accurate, creative, and honorable come to mind. You can read about each of these features at the product website.

Some highlights:

  • The company behind Crossbeams is Seven:Twelve Engineering, named after Matthew 7:12, also known as “the golden rule.” Learn more about Seven:Twelve Engineering here or here.
  • With only a small number of piece types, you can build all this—animals, vehicles, buildings, trees, or whatever comes of your creativity.
  • On a per-volume, per-mass, or lifetime basis, Crossbeams is low-priced compared to other building toys. Many pieces you already own can be reused in your next design. Read more at the Crossbeams FAQ page. (If you’re into data and graphs, you’ll find a plot of “Total Cost versus Number of Kits Built.”)
  • Crossbeams strives for cost honesty and price fairness and reveals costs and markups for every item. You can see that gross margins are typically in the low 30-percent range.
  • Here, I’ll show you some photos of kits we’ve built:

    Sopwith Camel




    U.S. Capitol


    And my personal favorite:



    You can also view the entire Crossbeams photo gallery.

    I’d like to extend an invitation/request for you to spread the word! Do you know anyone who would appreciate Crossbeams? Perhaps high school STEM teachers who might use Crossbeams in the classroom? Maybe you know a loved one who has been to France and would like one of the Eiffel Tower kits? Someone whose favorite animal is the dolphin? Or who rides a dirtbike? Explore the website. Share with friends and family. Thanks!

    What to share:

    Twitter: @CrossbeamsToy


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