You’re Invited to a “Baby” Shower (and Giveaway)!

Diaper Cake

Last week, a blog was born. Welcome to the world, Jean Fleming: Live the Mystery!

To celebrate, I’m hosting a triple book giveaway. Three “baby shower” guests will receive one copy of a Jean Fleming book:

Pursue the Intentional Life
A Mother’s Heart
Feeding Your Soul

Thank you for coming! Enter the giveaway, and invite your friends. I can’t wait to get these books into the hands of three winners.

Click here to enter the giveaway!

For TWO EXTRA entries, subscribe to Jean Fleming: Live the Mystery (when you get there, click on the “Follow” tab on the lower right). After you’ve confirmed your e-mail subscription to Jean Fleming: Live the Mystery, let me know here in my comments and I’ll add two giveaway entries for you.

UPDATE: Congratulations to the three winners: MF, DJ, and CSR! Thanks to everyone for participating!

Baby shower cake photo credit: mnd.ctrl
via Flickr Creative Commons


8 thoughts on “You’re Invited to a “Baby” Shower (and Giveaway)!

  1. Dear Monica, I’ve just read your baby shower invite honoring my blog. I spent an hour on the phone with Mr. Apple this afternoon to resolve an email problem I’ve had for 2 weeks. I could see an email came through but no text accompanied the notice. Apple ended up having to put on their “mail specialist.” Monica, thank you so much. You are amazing and an amazing friend. I wish I knew how to be so thoughtful and giving and creative. Deep thanks!! As I pulled up email I found, unfortunately, that the recent emaILs have the same old problem: no text. I dread another hour talking when they may not fix it. Arrrrgh! Love you, j >

    • Jean, my favorite errand yesterday was going to the post office to send your books to the giveaway winners! And, by the way, I think you are certainly thoughtful and giving and creative. <3

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