Why the Copyright Page Is One of the Best in My Book

[November 16, 2015 UPDATE: Paperback now available.]

Today is launch day for my book, Behold the Beauty: An Invitation to Bible Reading!

Saturn V Launch!

To celebrate launch day, I would like to feature the book’s . . .

[drum roll]

. . . copyright page.

Check out Amazon’s “Look inside” preview, and here’s what you’ll see on the copyright page:

“For information about special discounts for bulk purchases, please contact Fistbump Media Special Sales at sales@fistbumpmedia.com.”

When the print version becomes available [UPDATE: paperback now available!], perhaps you or your pastor, small group leader, or other ministry leader would like to have multiple copies. It’s a little book (< 100 pages) and therefore might be ideal for church newcomer packets or gift bags, church libraries, small group studies, Sunday school classes, or other ministry handouts.

Send an e-mail to sales@fistbumpmedia.com for more info on discounted bulk orders!

Would you share this information with your pastor, church leader, small group, MOPS, campus ministry, other ministry leaders, and your local library? Most importantly, would you please pray that Behold the Beauty readers would grow in knowing God better and hungering for His Word?


Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson, via Flickr Creative Commons

Behold the Beauty Facebook page


2 thoughts on “Why the Copyright Page Is One of the Best in My Book

  1. Monica, I’m a ‘hold it in my hands, gotta have paper and print’ reader, so I am VERY much looking forward to seeing this in print. Good job, Dan King! Good job, Monica!

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