7 Days of Soul Care, by Dolly Lee


Good news for Dolly Lee’s readers: 7 Days of Soul Care is now available. Let me introduce you to Dolly.

About Dolly Lee

dollyheadshotDolly Lee believes in the power of God’s love to transform a person from the inside-out. She’s grateful for how God’s grace allows second acts and second chances.

Dolly has lived and wrestled with the soul care practices and questions she writes about in 7 Days of Soul Care: A Guide to Letting God Do the Extraordinary with Your Ordinary. In 1999, she asked God to show her how he created and designed her. She wearied of trying to fit her circle in the square expectation of certain key people. God led her on a surprising journey of self-discovery and a deeper experience of his love through some valley lows, mountain highs, and the mundane daily. In short, God led her into darkness, shadow, rays of light, and eventually to greater light. Because of her experiences, she believes in the power of God’s love and presence to transform and redeem brokenness into unexpected beauty.

Since late December 2010, she has blogged at Soulstops.com where she invites readers to stop and connect with God. She has also written for online venues, such as Tweetspeak Poetry, Deeper Waters Ministry, The Mudroom, the Jumping Tandem Retreat blog, and had her poem, “Laundry,” published on The Curator. Since fall 2015, she has attended Fuller Seminary. She has also participated in Peninsula Bible Church’s two-year intern program and the St. Ignatian Spiritual Exercises through the Contemplative Center of Silicon Valley.

She has been married for twenty-five years to her best friend/husband. They have one daughter (a grace gift), who keeps them on their toes with her questions, and one demanding but lovable dog. A lifelong Californian, she enjoys hiking, reading, and sharing meals with family and friends.

Her goal is to collect enough in royalties from the sale of her book, 7 Days of Soul Care, to donate $500 to the work of International Justice Mission.

Q&A with Dolly Lee

Get to know Dolly a little more with a few Q&A’s:

What is your book’s big idea?
Dolly Lee:
We let God do the extraordinary with our ordinary when we connect with God in our everyday moments—whether marvelous or mundane. And our connection with God grows when we can trust and believe God’s unconditional love for us. And our belief in God’s love allows us to be exceptional (which I define as connecting with God to be our best as God created).

I believe “each person’s best has a distinct and unique worth” in God’s eyes. Being your best, as I define it, is not about comparison and competition.

For example, I greatly admire and respect Ann Voskamp and I saw 700+ people signed up to launch her latest book, The Broken Way. I prayed for many to read her book because I believe in its message. I’ve lived it, and I’ve been privileged to know people who live it and continue to do so.

God asks me to be faithful with my best and so I am and I don’t let competition or comparison derail me. Though I admit, the enemy of my soul did tempt me to give up. But God’s love and grace (and friends) picked me up and told me to keep walking—one step at a time.

What are three reasons someone should buy your book?
Dolly Lee:

  1. They help IJM rescue more victims of human trafficking because my goal is to raise $500 for IJM via royalties.
  2. A reader can get some of the benefits of what I learned: a) from counseling (without paying for it), b) from God as I wrestled in prayer over deep heart issues, and c) from wiser spiritual leaders.
  3. If the book’s message resonates with them: connecting with our extraordinary God transforms us so we can be exceptional in our ordinary life.

Why did you decide to raise $500 for International Justice Mission with royalties from your book?
Dolly Lee:
Two reasons.

  1. I can’t grow a beard. Last year, IJM’s newsletter shared how a guy shaved half of his beard to raise money and awareness of IJM’s human trafficking rescue and restoration work. I prayed: “What can I do to help besides donating money (which we do)”? I don’t have a beard or any hair I want to cut in a dramatic way.
  2. Our church had an IJM Freedom Sunday when I was finishing my book and the thought came: why don’t you donate royalties? $500 is a God-sized goal for a small blogger like me. God can do more if he chooses, but for me, this is another big step of faith beyond publishing and writing this book. God keeps reminding me: my role is to trust and obey and not to worry about results. I keep asking God for the grace to trust and to keep moving forward.

Find out more about 7 Days of Soul Care!


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