Home Education Resources

Some home education resources I have posted:

1. Sixth Grade Writing Course

Here is the course outline for our Sixth Grade Writing. Details are at the original post here.

2. “Choosing the Best Books for Our Children”

Some thoughts on how to choose what our children read. Original post here.

3. Physics Daily Plan (with Jay Wile’s text from Apologia)

Click for downloadable PDF: JayWilePhysicsDailyPlan

3 thoughts on “Home Education Resources

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  2. I’m not sure if this post is too old to get a reply on or not, but do you have your answers to the Review Questions in your Jay Wile Physics 2 Daily Plan? My daughter is doing an Independent Study Physics class using the book and I am creating it with your plan. She is enrolled at a university model type of school and is considered a homeschooler. So, she will have access to additional help if needed from the school. As her “teacher” it would be easier for me to be sure of her knowledge in the subject if I had the daily review answers–and more precise than depending on me to figure it out. I appreciate any help you can provide. I also appreciate you making your daily plan available to others.

    • Hi, Beverly. Thanks for asking. I chose not to include the Review Question answers because I assumed that the parent-teacher would read the full assignments along with the student (essentially going through the course as another student). All the review questions are based on the parts of the chapter where an equation, a phrase or word, or a main concept was in bold print or underlined or otherwise featured in those pages. Review questions come from a short section, so if you read those pages, the answer should be clear. For example:

      “1. Review pages 8-­15:
      a. What is the equation for velocity? What is the equation for speed?
      b. Is velocity a vector or scalar quantity?
      c. What is the difference between instantaneous velocity and average velocity?”

      So, if you read pages 8-15, those answers are readily available:
      a. The equations (and I think all equations in this book) are in pink boxes. In this case, both answers are on page 9.
      b. This answer is also found on page 9 (in the paragraph that starts with “The second thing you need to learn…”).
      c. Starting on page 13, there is a section titled “Average and Instataneous Velocity,” and just below that are the underlined definitions of instantaneous velocity and average velocity that give the answer to the question.

      The Review Questions should help in making sure the student both read and retained the information in the pages listed. They all can be answered by directly reading out of the text.

      I hope that helps. Best of luck to you and your daughter in this independent study class!

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