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Monica Sharman knows her Bible, but more than that, she savors it. She has tasted and seen the goodness of the Holy Scriptures, and she doesn’t want any of us to miss it. That’s the heart behind this treasure of a book: Behold the Beauty. Prepare to fall in love with God’s Word all over again as you travel through Behold the Beauty, a book that is—at once—full of whimsy and wisdom. You won’t read the Bible the same way again.

– Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Love Idol


Behold the Beauty: An Invitation to Bible Reading is like a warm invitation to dinner with close friends. It’s perfect for people who are new to the Bible. Completely free of dogma, or guilt, it provides the encouragement and direction newcomers need to discover the delights of reading the Bible for themselves. Monica Sharman never talks down to her readers. Instead, with warmth, intelligence, and joy, she writes as if she were sharing intimately over coffee.

But it’s not just for newcomers. If you need a creative kick-start to your Bible reading, look no further. No matter how many years you’ve been reading the Bible, Behold the Beauty will draw you back to the pages of God’s Word with new curiosity and fresh passion.

– Cynthia Hyle Bezek, author of Knowing the God You Pray To


By way of telling her own personal stories, Monica Sharman invites us back into the Story strong enough to hold us all. It’s an invitation with purpose—that our joy might be full.

– John Blase, poet and author of Know When To Hold ‘Em: The High Stakes Game of Fatherhood


Nonfiction with all the color and energy of story, it will pull you right in.

– Jill Case Brown, author of Safe


In the beauty of the ordinary she finds metaphors for Bible reading, and has collected those metaphors in Behold the Beauty: An Invitation to Bible Reading.

Her invitation is as simple as the beauty she writes about: “Come with me. Come to that which our ears can hear, our eyes can see, and our hands touch. Extend your hands. Take hold of the Bible, the very words of God Himself.”

This is not a call to excitement and thrills. This is a call to a deliberate, thoughtful walk, a walk with senses alert, yes, but a walk in the quiet things of the everyday. It’s an important call, because we spend most of our lives in the quiet things of the everyday.

And it is there that is the best place to read the words of God.

– Glynn Young, author of Dancing Priest, A Light Shining, and Poetry at Work

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