Where I’ve Been

A bit of my writing portfolio:

My Book: Behold the Beauty: An Invitation to Bible Reading

See details on the book page or the Amazon listing.

Foreword to Pursue the Intentional Life

Jean Fleming's Pursue the Intentional Life
In November 2013, NavPress released Jean Fleming’s 5th book, Pursue the Intentional Life, for which I wrote the foreword.

Contributor to Soul Bare

From InterVarsity Press.

Recently at The High Calling:

Tithing: We Skimp for a Reason

When Your “Yes” Holds You Back in Your Work (also featured in the August 2015 “Best of Community” week)

At Tweetspeak Poetry:
I’ve been a contributor for Tweetspeak Poetry’s Poetry at Work, Artist Date, and Eating & Drinking Poems columns. Some of my poems have been featured in Every Day Poems (here’s one sample: “Small Kindnesses”).

My latest article at Tweetspeak draws from the research of Dr. Dimitri Christakis and others:
4 Reasons Your Child Needs Building Toys for Language and Creativity Development

At Charity Singleton Craig’s “How to Bring Words to Life” column:

5 Steps to Make a Sentence Curve (or Vary Your Sentence Length)

How to Bring Words to Life: 5 Reasons to Go to Storytime (even if you don’t have children)

Other guest posts and features:

Two Aromas (guest post at Jean Fleming: Live the Mystery)

Poem and essay at Topology Magazine

A Theory on Workaholism (featured under “Work Blogs” at The High Calling)

My post on prayer featured at Jennifer Dukes Lee’s How to Repair a Disorganized Prayer Life (scroll down to “A Prayer ‘PARTI'”)

Notes of an Avid Grace-Collector: Lessons from 1000 Gifts (guest post at Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience)

The 13th Day of Community: Monica Sharman (highlighted at Glynn Young’s Faith, Fiction, Friends)

Poetry Lens (poem featured at The High Calling—scroll to bottom)

Some ideas I shared at Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience on keeping a Bible-reading journal — with photos (Scroll down to the part that mentions “Monica.”)


4 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. Wow! I am impressed with the journey God has taken you on over the past few years! What a blessing you are to everybody whose life you touch. Thank you for visiting my blog! I need to reconnect with everybody. I try but something keeps getting in the way. Grace and Peace! Yvette

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